Bookkeeping Services, CPA & Tax Accountant for General Contractors

Proactive CPA Tax & Accounting for General Contractors

We're a Proactive CPA for General Contractors in Florida, with a focus on tax reduction planning, bookkeeping & business tax prep made simple.

Bookkeeping Services, CPA & Tax Accountant for General Contractors

Cost-Effective Solutions

We Help You Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

As a general contractor, managing costs is essential to your success.

We specialize in identifying cost-saving opportunities and streamlining your financial management process, so you can focus on delivering high-quality projects.

CPA & Tax Accountant Near Florida

Be Certain You’re Not Overpaying in Tax

Maximize your savings with our expert tax strategies, ensuring you pay only what's necessary. We diligently identify deductions and opportunities to keep your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Dynamic tax strategies and planning, building your business wealth.

Maximized deductions and credits, helping your Florida business grow and scale.

Personalized financial guidance and exceptional service from our friendly staff.

CPA & Tax Accountant Near Fort Myers Florida

Expert Job Costing

Accurate Job Costing for Informed Decision Making

We provide expert job costing services to help you accurately track project costs and make informed business decisions.

Our team will work closely with you to develop a customized job costing strategy that fits your unique needs.

Lower Taxes & Grow Your Business

We don't just do your taxes, we'll implement aggressive tax reduction strategies & guide your business to scale.

Avoid Hiring Staff & Keep Your Team Focused

We'll do all the payroll, accounting & bookkeeping so your team can focus on production & growth.

Avoid Mistakes & Mitigate Risks

We do things properly to protect you from the IRS. You'll also avoid the mistakes of DIY or amateur bookkeeping & tax.

Bookkeeping Services, CPA & Tax Accountant for General Contractors

Strategic Business Planning

Develop a Roadmap for Growth and Success

Our team offers strategic business planning services to help you develop a roadmap for growth and success.

We'll work collaboratively with you to identify opportunities for expansion and develop a dynamic plan that fits your business goals.

CPA & Tax Accountant Near Fort Myers Florida

CFO-Level Guidance

Get the Benefits of a CFO Without the Cost

Our outsourced CFO services provide you with the expertise of a CFO without the high cost of a full-time hire.

Wee will provide strategic financial guidance and help you achieve business growth and scalability.

Bookkeeping Services, CPA & Tax Accountant for General Contractors

Increase Profitability With Our Tax Expertise

Proactive Tax Reduction Planning

At Reduce My Tax, we understand that keeping your Florida construction or general contracting business recession-proof is critical to its success.

With our exclusive partnership, you'll receive customized strategies to monitor your budget vs actual expenses, improve cash flow, reduce outstanding debt, and identify money-saving opportunities to keep your business growing.

Ideal Borrower

Top-Rated CPA Tax & Accounting for General Contractors near Port Charlotte, FL

One of the key benefits of partnering with us is becoming an ideal borrower.

Our accounting and bookkeeping experts maintain accurate financial records, periodic financial statements, and timely financial reports to help you look great to creditors.

As a top-rated tax strategist, tax planner, and tax preparation company for Florida general contractors near Port Charlotte, we take pride in helping construction companies become better than the day before.

Our CPA professionals create short- and long-term planning, track progress realistically, and identify ways to improve going forward.

We specialize in helping contractors build more profitable and scalable businesses while staying compliant and reducing taxes.

Elite Tax Planning & Preparation

Streamlined Financial Processes for Contractors near Punta Gorda, FL

Reduce My Tax specializes in tax planning and preparation for general contractors and construction companies near Punta Gorda Florida.

Our team of industry experts will streamline and simplify your financial processes, including tax compliance and guidance on tax issues specific to the construction industry.

For Florida general contractors, Reduce My Tax focuses on proactive tax reduction planning to help you increase profitability.

Our CPA professionals specialize in short- and long-term tax planning, progress tracking, and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Uncover Real Opportunities

Cape Coral, FL | Tax Reduction Strategies for Contractors

As a Florida accountant for general contractors, we specialize in delivering better results than typical contractor accountants.

We'll help you implement every tax reduction strategy possible, grow your bonding and scope of project, establish processes and procedures to scale, build pristine financials your lenders will love, and avoid hiring more staff.

To discover how we can reduce your tax burden and increase profitability, connect with us today to schedule your consultation for exclusive services from Reduce My Tax.
Florida's Trusted Tax Advisors

We Are Industry Leaders' Financial Solution

We understand our clients' goals and operations, providing tailored tax planning and financial solutions to ensure prosperity, growth, and scalability for Florida small businesses.

Dentists & Orthodontists

Comprehensive financial solutions tailored to dentists and orthodontists, optimizing practice growth and tax efficiency.

General Contractors

Specialized financial services for general contractors, maximizing profitability, tax savings, & efficient project management.

Real Estate Agents & Brokerages

Dynamic accounting solutions for real estate agents and brokerages, optimizing tax strategies and maximizing financial growth.


Expert financial management for physicians & healthcare professionals, streamlining tax planning, and maximizing practice profitability with customized solutions.

Bookkeeping Services, CPA & Tax Accountant for General Contractors

Florida's One-Stop-Shop Full-Service CPA

Preferred CPA Tax & Accounting Services near Estero, FL

We offer a range of services, including tax preparation, bookkeeping, year-end financial statements, payroll services, coaching, and guidance.

Our core focus for general contractors near Estero, FL is proactive, year-round tax reduction planning, and we handle all the bookkeeping, tax payments, and compliance issues, so you don't have to.

With our virtual customer service model, you can easily upload your tax documents to our secure customer portal, saving you time and hassle.

Build a Solid Foundation

Premium Accounting & Bookkeeping Services near Bonita Springs, FL
Our premium accounting and bookkeeping services provide Florida general contractors with sound cost management and record-keeping.

We help you avoid underquoting job costs, stay out of the red, and unlock the full potential of the Reduce My Tax partnership, which includes financial record keeping, tax preparation, financial reporting and analysis, budget preparation and management and more.

Construction-Specific, Cost-Effective

Naples, FL | Dedicated Bookkeepers, Accountants, and Tax Experts

We offer affordable construction-specific accounting services to keep your business profitable and scalable.

Our dedicated bookkeepers, accountants, and tax prep experts provide job costing, work-in-progress reports, cost segregation, and find tax deductions to save you time and money.

Real-Time Tracking

Reliable Outsourced Accountants for General Contractors near Fort Myers, FL

We'll help you keep track of profitability for every project and ensure that your monthly financial statements are always ready for lenders, auditors, or other oversight.

We know construction businesses and how to make life easy for our clients.

Whether you're a remodeler, painter, flooring contractor, or plumber, near Fort Myers, FL, we help you lower taxes, keep pristine financials, and focus your staff with useful reports and dashboards.

With our CFO-level support, you'll get the financial reporting you need to improve job profitability, while our aggressive and proactive tax planning help you keep more of your profits.

In addition to our Fort Myers location, we serve Florida suburbs such as

If you're ready to lower your taxes, build pristine financials, and focus on growing your business, connect with us for a free consultation.

Bookkeeping Services, CPA & Tax Accountant for General Contractors

Grow and Scale Your Contracting Business

Florida's Best Payroll & Bookkeeping Services for Contractors

We are a specialized tax accountant for general contractors in Florida, offering proactive tax reduction planning, simplified bookkeeping, and business tax preparation.

Our services are focused on keeping your construction projects profitable, enabling your business to grow and scale.

Our dedicated construction-specific bookkeepers, accountants, and tax experts provide:
  • job costing
  • work-in-progress reports
  • offer material price increase predictions
  • identify tax deductions

No More Juggling Projects & Subcontractor Payroll

Payroll & Tax Services for Contractors near Port Charlotte, FL

Reduce My Tax comprehensive payroll and tax services for general contractors and construction companies near Port Charlotte, Florida.

Our construction payroll specialists and tax experts are well-equipped to assist with payroll processing, payroll taxation, and cash flow management to help your business become profitable.

Our payroll specialists and tax experts help with payroll processing, taxation, and cash flow management, enabling businesses to become permanently profitable.

Solid Business Foundation

Preferred Bookkeeping Company for Contractors & Subcontractors near Punta Gorda, FL

We provide industry-specific knowledge and expertise to streamline and simplify financial processes, saving construction companies, general contractors, and subcontractors near Punta Gorda, FL, from over-taxation, inaccurate records, and unfavorable contracts.

With Reduce My Tax, to build a firm sound cost management and record-keeping foundation, we offer:
  • financial record-keeping
  • tax preparation & filing
  • financial reporting & analysis
  • budget preparation & management
  • accounts payable & receivable
  • cost segregation
  • classification of workers
  • job-cost accounting services

Our construction payroll services are designed to increase efficiency, maintain error-free ledge, and create work opportunities by finding money-saving opportunities, tax deductions, and more.

Reduce My Tax has the industry expertise that will help recession-proof your Florida-based construction and general contracting business. Schedule your consultation today to learn about our exclusive bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, and tax planning and preparation services.

CPA & Tax Accountant Near Florida

Not Your Typical Accountant

Experience a refreshing approach to accounting, where innovation meets expertise. We prioritize client satisfaction and deliver personalized solutions. Discover financial peace with our dedicated team.

Tax Reduction Planning

As Florida's top business tax strategists, we proactively seek tax reduction opportunities, ensuring compliance & audit prevention throughout the year.

Payroll Services

We are Florida's preferred payroll services firm. We'll help you choose, implement and run the right payroll system for your business.

Business Tax Preparation

Seeking a tax prep company for your small business? Discover our integrated tax reduction, business tax preparation, bookkeeping, & CFO-level services for business success.

Bookkeeping Services

Looking for small business bookkeeping? Learn how our integrated tax reduction, business tax prep, bookkeeping, & CFO-level services contribute to your business's growth.

Outsourced Accounting

As Florida's top choice for CPA, tax, and accounting services, we proactively support your business's success by managing all your bookkeeping, accounting, & payroll needs.


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